Our specialist product


Benefits of replacement

  • Improved noise reduction
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Improved security
  • Variety of glazing options
  • Draught-proofed as standard
As a specialist sash window company, we aim to provide a thermally efficient, aesthetically pleasing and character sensitive replacement sash window. It is important to us to retain the charm and personality of your property whilst providing you with the security and benefits of double glazing and new joinery.
We use a variety of hardwoods, depending on the specification of the product. We will always try where possible to use an FSC Certified timber. We are trained and accredited in the use of Accoya should you require this specialised timber for your project.

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We can manufacture and replace the following components, all fully finished:

  • Sill sections
  • Pulley stile sections
  • Rails
  • Sash box linings
  • Pair of sashes (single glazed or double glazed)
  • Other sash details
We are specialists in professionally repairing your existing sash windows. We are able to manufacture and install timber components that match into your existing rotten or damaged joinery.

New Sash Windows Into Existing Box Frame

Another one of our specialities is being able to manufacture a new pair of sash windows and install them into your existing box frame. We can match into your current sash windows existing details and offer these windows as single glazed replicas or upgrade them to a double glazed. Alongside this we undertake any repairs to your existing boxes as mentioned above.

Sash Window Draught-Proofing

Some of the benefits provided to your sash windows are:

  • No more rattles
  • No more draughts
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Reduction of dirt and dust
  • Improved security
  • Smooth, effortless operation
  • Reduced levels of external noise
  • Retention of your original windows
We provide sash window draught-proofing to properties in Bristol, Bath and Somerset area.
Having your current sash windows professionally draught-proofed is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of saving energy in your home, which in turn can reduce your heating bills. We use high quality materials and techniques to service your sash windows and all of the work we undertake has been designed to be as subtle but effective as possible so to retain the charm of your original sash windows. We are confident that you will be delighted with the impressive results that a draught-proof can achieve for your original joinery.

Whilst the renovation and draught-proof of your windows is being undertaken we can also address any issues with cracked/broken glass. The sashes can be re-glazed by us whilst the windows are out of situ and also counter balanced should the new glass be heavier meaning the sashes still remain perfectly balanced and working effortlessly.

Did you know that draught-proofing is the main choice of work for people who have a listed building as the renovation and draught-proofing of your windows does not change their appearance which means the original character of the property is retained?

Windows beyond repair?

In some cases, unfortunately, we are too late and the windows are beyond repair. No need to worry though as we offer a variety of replacement services. We can replace existing single glazed sash windows, we can upgrade your windows to double glazed within your existing box frame or in extreme cases we can provide a complete box sash window which meets current Part L requirements of building regulations.
Please see the Replacement section for more information